Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tigger giving Mr. Teddy a kiss before he leaves on his new journey across the world.

Charlie jumped up on the table by himself to check out the Teddy Bears

Alamae a 12 month old American Pit Bull Cross found the stash of Teddies.

Queen'land, Australia

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teddy Bear Project 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

Here we are again sending a reminder about Teddy Bear Project. For the new folks on our page incase you missed last Christmas (December 2010, here are a few photos: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=44176&id=100000554530866) my family collected 88 Teddy Bears from all around the world. I still have some that came in a few weeks late that didn't get to make the Christmas rounds. So we are doing another Teddy Bear Project this summer. Our goal is to reach 100 Teddy Bears.

We have already had a few boxes arrive for Teddy Bear Project 2011. We are really looking forward to it. Many people have asked many question concerning the Teddy Bears. 

1. Do they have to be Teddy Bears? 

  They can be any stuffed animal as you desire 

2. Do they have to be brand new? 

Preferably they should be new. If you are able to clean them up very good to make them look like new then that if fine. 

3.  Do they have to be a certain size? 

They can be any size 

4. When can I send it? 

The Official Teddy Bear Project starts June 3rd, you can send before that if you would like

5. When do they have to be at your house by?

The Collection will end June 30th, 2011 

7. Where do I send the Teddy Bears to? 

You can send them to my house, inbox me and I will give you my address 

8. I know someone who has a bunch of Teddy Bears can I share the Teddy Bear Project with them?

Yes, if you know anyone who has Teddy Bears just laying around or has more then they know what to with tell them about the Teddy Bear Project

Thanks again for all your support,

Stacey Mae & Family.