Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teddy Bear Project - December 2011

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would put together a little something about the Teddy Bear Project. December 20th will be a year since we started the Teddy Bear Project. Since it will be a year I want to do something else along with Collecting bears.

There is a hospital in Colorado Springs called the Memorial Hospital For Children. They see thousands of kids a year. Now a lot of these kids are scared when the first walk through the hospital doors. They are in an unfamiliar place. Back in May the Memorial Hospital for Children had sent out a Blanket SOS . They ran out of comfort blankets for the kids.   Blankets help brighten the patients rooms. But most importantly, the provide comfort in a big, strange and - despite the doctors best efforts - sometimes a painful place.

Preferred Materials
  • Polar fleece
  • Flannel
  • Cotton
 Materials That Can’t Be Used
  • Polyester materials
  • Crocheted and knitted blankets
 Preferred Sizes
  • 4 ‘ x 8’ for older kids
  • Traditional baby blanket size for babies
  • Nothing larger or smaller than sizes listed above works for most kids
 Suggestions for Girls
  • Cartoon and Disney characters
  • Bright colors
  • Cute patterns with dogs, ponies, dolls, princesses, toys, flowers, etc.
 Suggested Prints for Boys
  • Cartoon and Disney characters
  • Fun patterns with trucks, dogs, dinosaurs, toys, sports team logos, sports themes like football, baseball, soccer, etc.
 Suggested Prints for Tweens and Teens
  • Bright, solid colors
  • Bright colored prints – stripes, paisley, plaid, polka-dots, tie-dye
  • Patterns with sports team logos, or sports themes

I will also Still be collecting Teddy Bears/Stuffed Animal. They NEED to be gently used or Brand New. They can be any size. 

Kids and the Elderly love really soft animals as they can rub it against their faces. Pillow Pets are big hit. If you send A Pillow Pet those MUST   be new.  

They May be sent to:

Stacey Mae Mandel
171 Stream Drive
Guffey Colorado

Also my friend SurfDog Ricochet made it possible to donate via Pay Pal if it is easier. We will use the donations to buy more Stuffed Animals and Blankets. To donate via Pay Pal Click Here

If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at: 

All of them will find a new home and someone to love them. Some of them will even be saved to be sent in a care package to kids around the U.S who are fighting cancer or other illnesses.

I really want to thank EVERYONE who has helped me out in the last year. It has been amazing to see how everything has fallen into place. I never imagined that I would collect 2,000+ In less then a year. 

Thanks, Maria & Stacey Mae 

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  1. Your friends can donate to you also on Surf Dog Ricochet's page..she has a Surfin for Santa Paws page set up where people can donate via Pal Pal to Stacey Mae, I just donated. You want want to post on FB so your 14,000 plus friends can go there and donate to you Stacey Mae. Thank you for all you do.