Wednesday, October 26, 2011

National Fire Dog Monument

Arson K-9 Sadie kissing Betty White
About 4 years ago Jerry Means started the National Fire Dog Monument to build the Arson Dogs a bronze Monument. The monument is a full-size bronze firefighter standing upright, looking down at a sitting Labrador Retriever who is looking up at his/her handler.

They are nationally approved 501 (c) (3) monument operating under the Federal Number of  26-2962698. The NFDM has an approved  in writing permanent home for the monument at fire station 3 in Washington DC when it is complete. The Monument will be in a permanent loan to the Washington DC Fire Museum. The Fire Station 3 is located downtown DC area and protects the Capital Building of the US.

Jerry has been trying to raise the $40k that is required to sculpt the piece. He has held silent auctions, sold prints, and challenge coins, attended pancake breakfasts, and ice cream fund to collect approximately $23k the $40k that is needed. Approximately 4 weeks ago their 22 year old fire fighter/artist started on the piece. That is wonderful that the sculpture is being started, however, it put a ton of pressure on Jerry to ensure the balance of $16k is raised to finish the Financial burdon of the project.

Jerry is now thinking about setting up a kissing booth for Sadie after seeing the recent Betty White Incident.

The Majority of the K-9's in the Fire dog program are rescued from the New York City pound, and a blind dog school in Florida.

Both Sadie and Jerry have been active in numerous fundraisers for animals in need, and general emergency services. Sadie has won numerous awards including the Max Fund (A No Kill Shelter) "Golden Paws Award" for saving acts towards animals. They have also been recognized by the American Humane Association for their work on a case where an idiot broke into an animal shelter in Englewood, Colorado, stole some puppies and set them on fire in public places where they were trapped inside a plastic case.


   Below is all the contact information for 
the NFDM in Washington DC.       

Jerry Means & Erin the first Arson dog at CBI.
Erin was Jerry's Inspiration to Start the NFDM in Washington DC. 

National Fire Dog Monument
5862 W, 114th Place
Westminster, Colorado

(303) 941 - 3117

Artist, Austin Weishel - web address:


  1. Perhaps you could set up a Chipin so people could who wished to could donate online.

    A Facebook page might help get the word out round the world.

    Good luck with this project.

  2. Would love to help share this on Facebook...a Paypal account would be a great way for donations!!

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